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Critical Thinking - 8.26.20 - ONLINE is a Course

Critical Thinking - 8.26.20 - ONLINE

Time limit: 1 day

Spots remaining: 16


Full course description

Course Description:

Raise your game! Critical Thinking facilitates breaking down arguments into their constituent parts and clarifying what evidence lends support to what conclusion. This is the first step towards one’s critical engagement with ideas. Critical Thinking also helps you clearly articulate arguments of your own. The ability to present a coherent and persuasive case for a position is a major asset to anyone. Critical Thinking enables you to think independently, make better decisions, solve problems systematically, and think more creatively. With Critical Thinking in your toolkit, you will be able to detect inconsistencies and common mistakes in reason, recognize your own assumptions and biases, identify the importance and relevance of various ideas, and reach well-reasoned conclusions and solutions.

Course Information:

  • Date: 8.26.20
  • Time: 9a - 12:30p
  • Online via WebEx (Meeting link sent day before course begins)

Online Participation Requirement:

  • Prior to the class, login to Stacks
  • Find this course on your Dashboard and Go To Course
  • Download participant guide handout in Unit 2

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