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Dealing with Difficult People (Online – Fall 2021) is a Course

Dealing with Difficult People (Online – Fall 2021)

Aug 13 - Dec 4, 2021


Full course description

In this course, you will learn difficult behaviors that people can exhibit as well as ways to work collaboratively towards mutually beneficial solutions.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify and understand difficult people
  • Handle aggressive and passive-aggressive people
  • Work with negative people
  • Work with procrastinators and people with bad habits
  • Conquer your own negative thinking
  • Deal with a difficult boss
  • Deal with micromanagers

Note that GSU employees:

  • Use Campus ID/password to access course in the Stacks/Canvas learning system
  • Are responsible for completing all course requirements of each learning Module
  • Complete any courses by the close of business Fri, Dec. 3, 2021
  • Will receive completion certificates for course completion (must click & read all components)
  • Are valued by TMO for your commitment to maintain and learn new knowledge and skills!

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