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Ethics Refresher (2023)



Full course description

This course is a periodic refresher ethics training for Georgia State University employees as a part of USG mandatory trainings. We value your renewed commitment to the highest ethical standards in the University System of Georgia.

You need to complete this course if you were on GSU payroll on or before Sept 1 (e.g., if your hire date is Aug 31 or before, you must complete this course). If your hire date is Sept 1 or later, you need not complete this course.

Completion of this training is required by December 31, 2023.

After enrolling, you "already have an account" as a GSU employee so sign into the course with Campus ID and password and progress through the components of the course: interactive training video, assessment questions, and affirmation agreement to earn a completion certificate.

Note: First, remove any pop-up blockers. Click the blue “Begin Course” button to start the video & adjust captions and volume in the lower right side as needed. Return to the original course tab after viewing to complete the training.

Contact for any assistance with course enrollment or navigation.

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