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KEPRO Training - Lighten up with Laughter is a Course

KEPRO Training - Lighten up with Laughter



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Laughter is ingrained in us from childhood. Did you know that children laugh over 400 times a day? However, as we get older that laughter somehow begins to fade. Laughter has so many benefits, including some that we are not even aware of. Research has found that laughter is stimulatory. When we laugh we stretch the muscles in our face. Our pulse rate, heart rate, and blood pressure increase. We also begin to breathe faster. This in turn sends more oxygen to our tissues. Many people who believe in the benefits that they receive from laughing say that it is the same as a mild workout.

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Date and Time: 4.29.20 (12 - 1p) 

Location: Student Center West, Room 260 and WebEx

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