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Managing Teams (Online)



Full course description

Teams are where things get done at work, and the role of managers is even more important than ever to achieving goals and business results. Explore how to set goals, delegate, manage performance, and develop both your team and the individuals on it. Find out how to manage difficult behavior and underperformance. Go over practical ways to cultivate psychological safety and improve communication within your team. Learn how to manage as a coach, protector, and role model. Explore the challenges and solutions related to managing in various settings: virtual, global, intergenerational, and cross-functional. Plus, discover actionable strategies and tools that can help guide your thinking as a manager.

Course Objectives:

  • Put people first
  • Drive team performance
  • Inspire and motivate your team

Note that GSU employees:

  • Use Campus ID/password to access course in the Stacks/Canvas learning system
  • Are responsible for completing all course requirements of each learning Module
  • Can register for courses as enrollment will remain open with no closing date
  • Will receive completion certificates for course completion
  • Are valued by TMO for your commitment to maintain and learn new knowledge and skills!

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