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Organization and Time Management (Online)



Full course description

This course will help you better manage and organize your workday.

Course Objectives:

  • Discover the principles of time management
  • Avoid the pitfalls of multitasking
  • Identify why switch tasking is an ineffective way to work
  • Define the limits of your physical inbox
  • Determine the best ways to consolidate multiple accounts
  • Differentiate between personal and professional gathering points
  • Plan ways to manage unresolved tasks
  • Effectively schedule your time
  • Organize digital and physical information efficiently
  • Select the appropriate steps in order to get tasks completed efficiently
  • Manage scheduling conflicts professionally and courteously
  • Budget your time in a way that aligns with your personal and professional priorities

Note that GSU employees:

  • Use Campus ID/password to access course in the Stacks/Canvas learning system
  • Are responsible for completing all course requirements of each learning Module
  • Can register for courses as enrollment will remain open with no closing date
  • Are encouraged to share experiences with other learners in Discussions
  • Will receive completion certificates for course completion
  • Are valued by TMO for your commitment to maintain and learn new knowledge and skills!

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