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Problem Solving and Decision Making - December 5, 2018 is a Course

Problem Solving and Decision Making - December 5, 2018

Time limit: 1 day

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Is solving problems a problem for you?  Want to be more skilled and creative at handling the tough issues you face?  Want to be better at making sound decisions?


This interactive course teaches practical, effective approaches to problem solving and decision making.  You will learn a simple process to analyze problems logically, develop alternative solutions creatively, and decide on the best one confidently.  You’ll learn and practice several techniques that are explained simply.  You will see how best practices such as mind mapping, left and right brain thinking, the decision matrix, and more that can help you sort through an issue to get to a solution that works and a decision that sticks.


In class, through some games and exercises, you will discover how these techniques work—and can work for you.